Ambivalence of Time

Oleksandr Nikolenko
2016 Science Front Publishers Journal for Foundations and Applications of Physics   unpublished
The physical nature of Time is researched. Time is considered as a set of phenomena that can be divided into two fundamentally different, but interrelated groups (time sides). The first group is connected with the metric properties and topological concepts of space-time manifold, the integral part of which is Time. This side of time integrates it with spatial dimension. The second group includes physical properties connected with spontaneous time coordinate increment of massive particles (the
more » ... ve particles (the flow of time). It provides the variation of systems and the development of physical processes in the environment. The difference between time and space can be seen here. Thus, time ambivalence (duality) is shown. Time ambivalence is one of the key temporology principles. It is impossible to build an adequate time theory without considering it. Keywords: The nature of time; the ambivalence of the time; the physical properties of time, the theory of relativity. The nature of Time has always been the subject of controversies, philosophical and physical investigations. However, by now we do not have neither a common Time theory (temporology) nor even the definition of the very subject of the investigations-Time. One of the reasons of inadequate temporology status lies in the fact that researchers do not consider the most important property of Time-its ambivalence. As a result, fundamentally different sides of Time get mixed imprecisely and it causes a number of contradictions. Let's look at the situation in detail. The necessity of physical definition of Time can be seen in the fact that the related to it variables t, dt... appear in the relationships of physics (except for statics) noticeably more often than any other variable. The presence of the stream of Time is an integral condition of the variability of any systems without exception. This defines the fundamental character of Time. Notwithstanding the great number of publications on the nature of time of both philosophical and physical character [1-9], there is still no eligible physical definition of this fundamental natural phenomenon. It is only possible to rely on two definitions that were given in the context of classical mechanics and theory of relativity. In classical mechanics, this definition was introduced by Newton. He stated it in the following way [10].