OrientX: An integrated, schema based native XML database system

Meng Xiaofeng, Wang Xiaofeng, Xie Min, Zhang Xin, Zhou Junfeng
2006 Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences  
The increasing number of XML repositories has stimulated the design of systems that can store and query XML data efficiently. OrientX, a native XML database system, is designed to meet this requirement. Compared with other native XML databases, OrientX has two main features: First, XML schema is fully supported in OrientX, because schema has been proved to be of great importance to XML data storage, Indexing, query optimization and access control; Second, OrientX is an integrated system that
more » ... ts various requirements on XML data repository, which includes a native storage subsystem, several XML query evaluators, a composite index manager, a cost-based XQuery Optimizer, an Access Control module and an extension to XQuery1.0 for XML update. The main contributions of OrientX are: a)We have implemented an integrated native XML database system, which supports native storage of XML data, and based on it we can handle XPath& XQuery efficiently; b)In our OrientX system, Schema Information is fully explored to guide the storage, optimization and query processing, which we show can boost the system performance remarkably.
doi:10.1007/bf02829235 fatcat:legbzdkj4nf35nosbrzequpawu