Neutrosophic Indetermination and Fiction in Negative Journalistic Communication

Florentin Smarandache, Ștefan Vlăduțescu
The study highlights persuasive-fictional inductions that are recorded in journalistic discourse. Subsequently it constitutes an application of Neutrosophic on journalistic communication. The theoretical premise is that journalism is impregnated persuasion. Persuasion is born, and it must act on areas of vagueness, ambiguity, indeterminacy. Whenever there is a lack of information as many times it creates a breeding ground for persuasion. Indeterminacy, blurred, uncertainty attract persuasion.
more » ... der this persuasion appears as a neutrosophic speech. Persuasion includes four operations: lying, seduction, myth and fiction. There is, finally, that persuasion relies on fiction whenever information is insufficient and the journalistic product is mined by uncertainty.