T. P. Holovanova
2020 Visnik Zaporiz'kogo naciohai'nogo universitetu. Pedagogicni nauki  
The article presents the relationship between the concepts of "safety of the educational environment", "general competencies", "bullying". The urgency and risks of security of the educational environment in the modern conditions of the Ukrainian society are noted. The theoretical foundations of the study of key concepts are revealed through the concepts: security, educational environment, gender stereotypes, online surveys, professional competencies, training criteria. The experience of the
more » ... er for Gender Education of Zaporizhzhia National University has shown that this problem has three aspects: gender, psychological and pedagogical, legal. The gender aspect is revealed through the study of the influence of stereotypes on the perception of the bullying situation by different groups of participants in the educational process. The results of the study of the state of bullying in the student environment are analyzed. The influence of gender stereotypes on behavior in a bullying situation was determined: the procedure was reduced to the choice of high school students, students, teachers, high school teachers of different answers. The results of the study allowed to draw a conclusion about the influence of gender stereotypes on the behavior of boys and girls in a situation of bullying (students, teachers, high school teachers) of different answers. Thus, 40.9% of surveyed school teachers believed that if a boy in a situation of harassment seeks help from parents, teachers, a psychologist, he is considered, among other answers, "weakling": students -26.3%; school teachers -40.9%; university teachers -15.4%; practical psychologists and social pedagogues of educational institutions of the city -12.5%. The process of formation of professional competencies of future teachers was realized through the developed program of master's research. An important task of this study was to develop research criteria. The issues of development of diagnostics of evaluation of work of pedagogical workers on creation of safe educational environment are waiting for further study.
doi:10.26661/2522-4360-2020-1-50 fatcat:qfsmpaw6tnhsdcmx4vfurx7gri