Analysis of Minor Component Segregation in Ternary Powder Mixtures

Maryam Asachi, Ali Hassanpour, Mojtaba Ghadiri, Andrew Bayly, F. Radjai, S. Nezamabadi, S. Luding, J.Y. Delenne
2017 EPJ Web of Conferences  
In many powder handling operations, inhomogeneity in powder mixtures caused by segregation could have significant adverse impact on the quality as well as economics of the production. Segregation of a minor component of a highly active substance could have serious deleterious effects, an example is the segregation of enzyme granules in detergent powders. In this study, the effects of particle properties and bulk cohesion on the segregation tendency of minor component are analysed. The minor
more » ... onent is made sticky while not adversely affecting the flowability of samples. The segregation extent is evaluated using image processing of the photographic records taken from the front face of the heap after the pouring process. The optimum average sieve cut size of components for which segregation could be reduced is reported. It is also shown that the extent of segregation is significantly reduced by applying a thin layer of liquid to the surfaces of minor component, promoting an ordered mixture.
doi:10.1051/epjconf/201714013013 fatcat:owxdoub3mrd3rjxipjvknozvsa