Mucoadhesive Drug Delivery System: A Review

S Dharmendra, J Surendra, M Sujata, P Ashish, S Shweta
2012 International Journal of Pharmaceutical & Biological Archives   unpublished
This article gives a brief idea about bioadhesive delivery systems based on hydrogels to biological surfaces that are covered by mucus. Bioadhesion is an interfacial phenomenon in which two materials, at least one of which is biological are held together by means of interfacial forces, when the associated biological system is mucous. These systems remain in close contact with the absorption tissue, the mucous membrane, releasing the drug at the action site leading to a bioavailability increase
more » ... ilability increase and both local and systemic effects. Several in vitro and in vivo methodologies are proposed for studying its mechanisms. Oral mucoadhesive microcarriers were having potentiality for controlling and extending release profile so as to improve performance and patient compliance. The aim of this study was to review the mechanisms and theories involved in mucoadhesion, as well as to describe the most-used methodologies and polymers in mucoadhesive drug delivery systems.