Body composition of sheep during undernutrition [thesis]

Nather N. Aziz
fat), others were lighter (skin, liver, kidneys, pancreas, lymph glands. gut tissue, gut contents) while some were not different (heart, lungs and trachea. spleen. bladder. blood). Dissected carcass muscle weight was similar in both treatments but all other dissected tissues were heavier in WL animals as was carcass weight. FFEBW was similar in both treatments but had more chemical fat and less water during WL. Combined NCP weight was lighter during WL as was protein and water content thereof,
more » ... hile chemical fat content of NC? was greater. Only chemical fat content of the carcass was affected by WL andiI1increased. Daily greasy and clean wool production each decreased during WL as did fibre length and diameter
doi:10.26190/unsworks/12364 fatcat:lejhpa44vjbs5ne4d6anjz2v3y