Škola a charitativní projekty

Irena Chlebounová
2017 Psychologie pro Praxi  
The article deals with the question why pupils of the secondary school should be involved in charity activities and how to choose charity activities that are meaningful. The aim is to provide a brief overview of charity projects undertaken between years 2004-2015 by Tyršova school in Prague -Jinonice. The author was the coordinator of all the projects. The overview may help teachers who would like to start such projects. Data evaluating the projects were collected in the form of group and
more » ... al interviews with students, teachers, staff of the school (about 270 people), and recorded in a logbook to facilitate future planning. It has turned out that pupils are more active if the topics of projects are diverse and if they are proposed by a person with personal involvement. A comparison with the American experience with compulsory volunteering is also presented.
doi:10.14712/23366486.2017.12 fatcat:xn3a6yusf5cwlc2lw3enn6nchq