Fixed trandolapril and verapamil SR combination effectiveness in arterial hypertension patients

L. G. Ratova, I. E. Chazova, M. B. Antsiferov, Yu. B. Belousov, V. S. Moiseev, M. V. Shestakova
Aim. To study the effectiveness, rates of target blood pressure (BP) level achievement, and safety of a fixed-dose trandolapril and verapamil SR combination (Tarka) in patients with Stage I-II arterial hypertension (AH).Material and methods. The study initially included 100 AH patients; 7 dropped out, and 4 were excluded due to inclu- sion criteria violation. The study protocol was completed by 89 participants (36% men, 64% women), aged 27-74 years (mean age 56,6±10,8 years), with mean AH
more » ... on of 9,1±8 years. After 3-14-day wash-out period, clinical mean systolic BP (SBP clin.) level was 158,1±9,3/95,1±8,0 mm Hg, and heart rate (HR) level – 75,2±7,4 bpm. BP level corresponded to Stage I AH in 40,5% of the patients, and to Stage II AH – in 59,5%. Eighty five per cent of the participants received antihypertensive medications, 17% had Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM-2), 20% were smokers.Results. In all patients, Tarka therapy (2/180 mg/d) was associated with adequate BP reduction. Antihypertensive effect reached its maximum at Week 4 of the treatment. Twelve-week therapy resulted in significant decrease in BP clin., (∆=-28,9±11,0/-18,4±8,1; p<0,001) and HR (∆=-6,0±6,6; p<0,0001). Target SBP, DBP or SBP+DBP levels were achieved in 82%, 96%, and 80%, respectively. In DM-2 patients, target BP level was achieved in 71%. According to 24-hour BP monitoring data, after 12 weeks of treatment, BP was normalized in 68 participants: in 88% – for SBP, in 99% – for DBP, and in 88% – for both SBP and DBP. In all patients, the treatment was well tolerated; adverse effects (AE) were registered in 9 individuals only.Conclusion. Good antihypertensive effectiveness of fixed trandolapril and verapamil combination facilitated target BP level achievement in 80% of the patients, with low AE rates. Therefore, the medication could be recommended at initial treatment stage.
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