1474 Cancer vaccine plus PD-1 blockade promotes infiltration of melanoma metastases by vaccine-induced T lymphocytes

Christine Tran, Gabrielle Schwartzman, Walter Olson, Kelly Smith, Jennifer Bryant, Craig Slingluff
2022 Late-Breaking Abstracts   unpublished
Figure 2 Single patient comparisons of TCR clonotypes in PBMCs pre-treatment vs. PBMCs/SINs post-treatment. Sequences in blue appear in higher frequency post-treatment vs. pretreatment. Sequences present on the x-axis are present post-treatment but not pre-treatment. A) Patient 1 of Mel41: the high number of clonotypes present and increased in pre-treatment PBMC vs. posttreatment SIN is explained by circulating memory cells that are under represented in SIN, while clonotypes appearing in SIN
more » ... t-treatment are related to vaccination. B) Patient 6 of Mel64.
doi:10.1136/jitc-2022-sitc2022.1474 fatcat:m75ebljqnjezlkqrhcydpr2l7y