Metapopulation Dynamics, Habitat Quality, And Spatial Scale: Variation In Reproductive Output Of The Baltic Clam, Macoma Balthica, In Shallow Systems Of The Chesapeake Bay

Kristen Delano
Seebo, and Karen Hudson. All the members of the Crustacean Ecology/ Marine Conservation Biology group at VIMS have helped in one way or another and I thank you all! Thanks to everyone in Maryland at SERC who has helped me with sample collection and processing, especially Midge Kramer and Nancy Goff. I am very grateful to all the groups at VIMS who have allowed me use of their facilities and taught me how to process certain samples, especially the
doi:10.25773/v5-w82r-jp77 fatcat:jfl7yw2ffrbdpaoumhheqrruem