Carbon footprint (kg CO2e) expended in the aquaculture: Assessment of concrete pond rainbow trout farming from Türkiye [post]

Gürkan Diken
2022 unpublished
The carbon footprint (CF) of animal production systems can estimate their standings against global protein demand. Turkey is the top rainbow trout producer in Europe, but surprisingly little is known about the CF of the production. This study aimed to evaluate the CF expended of concrete pond rainbow trout (CPRT) farming. The data were obtained from a farm with an annual project production capacity of 350 tonnes (APC) over a three-year production (TPY) with different harvest amounts. Total CF
more » ... pended was the summation of CF expended on compound diets, general management, transportation and machinery, equipment, and construction. The total CF expended was calculated at 1.78 and 1.67 kg CO2e (equivalent) on average for TYP and APC, respectively. The TYP average values of CF expended per kg of protein deposited in harvested fish and CF expended per Mcal of cultural energy expended during production were 10.66 and 0.36 kg CO2e, respectively. The CF expended per 100 kcal food energy in harvested fish was calculated at 0.1263 and 0.1173 kg CO2e on average for TYP and APC, respectively. Aquafeed production and transportation are the important CF expended sources in CPRT. Future studies on CF expended of aquaculture farms must be species-specific and culture-specific.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:z5kbwa6cbbfflp36bamnk63sju