Properties of Aluminous Cement Mortar Containing Waste Glass Powder

Minoru MORIOKA, Koji OKUYAMA, Takayuki HIGUCHI, Ryuichi TAKATA, Kiyoshi ASAGA
2004 Journal of the Society of Inorganic Materials, Japan  
Properties of aluminous cement mortar containing the waste glass powder were examined, and following conclusions were obtained; By adding the waste glass powder to the aluminous cement mortar, the flow value became smaller and the air volume in the mortar increased significantly. As for the reduction in the flow value due to adding the waste glass powder, an air entrainment was considered to be a major factor. It was proved that the waste glass powder was contaminated by some compound alike
more » ... actant. The air entrainment of the waste glass powder was supposed to have resulted from the quasi-compound of surfactant. When the waste glass powder was added to the aluminous cement mortar, its compressive strength got small. That is due to the air entrainment property of the waste glass powder. When the entrained air was controlled using antiforming agent, the compressive strength got high. The waste glass powder suppresses the conversion of the aluminous cement, and the consequent reduction in the strength, as well. Those effects were remarkable according as the substitution ratio is high and the powder fineness is high. That is due to the stratlingite formation by the reaction between the waste glass powder and the aluminous cement hydrate.
doi:10.11451/mukimate2000.11.279 fatcat:pkpe55ctdrdmfjgxunromyk4oa