Improved delivery of radiolabeled anti-B1 monoclonal antibody to Raji lymphoma xenografts by predosing with unlabeled anti-B1 monoclonal antibody

D J Buchsbaum, R L Wahl, S D Glenn, D P Normolle, M S Kaminski
1992 Cancer Research  
A human B-cell lymphoma xenograft model was used to test whether the administration of unlabeled MoAb prior to injection of radiolabeled monoclonal antibody (MoAb) improves delivery of the radiolabeled MoAb to tumor prior to testing in clinical radioimmunotherapy trials. The anti-B1/CD20 pan-B-cell MoAb reactive with human B-cell lymphomas and leukemias but not reactive with mouse B-cells was used in this study. Athymic nude mice bearing human Raji Burkitt lymphoma xenografts were given
more » ... were given injections of 2.5 muCi (0.3 microgram) 131I-labeled anti-B1 with or without a 2-h prior single injection of 100 micrograms of unlabeled anti-B1 antibody. Four days later the animals given injections of 131I-labeled anti-B1 and the unlabeled anti-B1 predose had a tumor uptake of 12.72 +/- 1.17% (SEM) of injected dose/g which was 44% greater than the animals receiving the 131I-labeled anti-B1 alone (P = 0.014). The uptake in most normal tissues was unchanged, although the blood level of 131I-labeled anti-B1 appeared to be greater following unlabeled anti-B1 predosing (P = 0.067). Predosing with isotype matched irrelevant MoAb did not result in a greater tumor uptake or blood concentration of 131I-labeled anti-B1 compared to the administration of 131I-labeled anti-B1 alone. In studies using 111In-labeled anti-B1, the effect of unlabeled antibody predosing was more pronounced. For animals given injections of 4.5 muCi (0.4 microgram) 111In-labeled anti-B1 and the unlabeled anti-B1 predose, the uptake in tumor was 12.37 +/- 2.07% of injected dose/g which was 162% greater than the animals receiving the 111In-labeled anti-B1 alone (P = 0.009). Predosing decreased 111In-labeled anti-B1 uptake in spleen, while the blood level was significantly greater. Predosing was more effective than simultaneous injection in improving tumor delivery. When tumor-bearing mice were either simultaneously given injections of 36 micrograms of unlabeled anti-B1 and 4 micrograms 111In-labeled anti-B1 or were given preinjections of 36 micrograms unlabeled anti-B1 3 h prior to injection of 4 micrograms 111In-labeled anti-B1, tumor uptake 3 days later was 1.3-fold higher in the animals which received the preinjection of unlabeled antibody (P = 0.011). As the quantity of unlabeled anti-B1 was increased (36, 96, 996 micrograms) in the predose, significantly greater uptake in tumor was observed, although this uptake appeared to plateau at the highest predoses.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 400 WORDS)
pmid:1732052 fatcat:hd7ph76kezhkpg7rhxujbnlo44