1920 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
The United States Civil Service Commission an- nounces an open competitive examination for anesthetist. A vacancy in Freedmen's Hospital, Washington, D. C, at $1,200 a year, plus increase granted by Congress of $20 a month, with board, and vacancies in positions requiring similar qualifications at this or higher or lower salaries, will be filled from this examination, unless it is found in the interest of the service to fill any vacancy by reinstatement, transfer, or promotion. Freedmen's
more » ... n. Freedmen's Hospital is a hospital for the treatment of colored patients. Citizenship and Sex.-All citizens of the United States who meet the requirements, both men and women, may enter this examination ; appointing officers, however, have the legal right to specify the sex desired in requesting certification of eligibles. For the present vacancy male eligibles are desired. Subjects and Weights.-Competitors will not be required to report for examination at any place, but will be rated on the following subjects, which will have the relative weights indicated on a scale of 100 : (1) Physical ability, 10; (2) Education and experience, 90. Basis of Rating.-Under the second, competitors will be rated upon the sworn statements in their applications and upon corroborative evidence. Education and Expeeience.--Applicants must have graduated from a reputable medical college and have served at least one year in a general hospital, and be experienced in administering anesthetics. If the appointee is not licensed to practice medicine in the District of Columbia, he may be required to secure such license. Age.-Applicants must have reached their twentyfirst birthday on the date of the examination. Retirement.-Classified employees who have reached the retirement age and have served fifteen years are entitled to retirement with an annuity. The retirement age for railway mail clerks is 62 years, for mechanics and post-offce clerks and carriers, 65 years ; and for others, 70 years. Photographs.-Applicants must submit with their applications their unmounted photographs, taken within two years, with their names written thereon. Proofs or group photographs will not be accepted.
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