Limit-Cycle Oscillation of Shape Memory Alloy Hybrid Composite Plates at Elevated Temperatures

Hesham Hamed Ibrahim, Mohammad Tawfik, Hani Mohammed Negm
2009 Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures  
A traditional composite plate impregnated with pre-strained shape memory alloy (SMA) fibers and subject to combined thermal and aerodynamic loads is investigated, to demonstrate the effectiveness of using the SMA fiber embeddings in improving the dynamic response of composite plates. The problem investigated is the nonlinear flutter limit-cycle and chaotic oscillations at elevated temperatures. A nonlinear finite element model based on the firstorder shear deformable plate theory is derived.
more » ... eory is derived. von Karman strain displacement relations are utilized to account for geometric nonlinearity. Aerodynamic pressure is modeled using the quasi-steady first-order piston theory. The governing equations are obtained using the principle of virtual work based on thermal strain being a cumulative physical quantity. Newton-Raphson iteration is employed to obtain the dynamic response at each time step of the Newmark numerical integration scheme. A time domain method along with modal transformation is applied to numerically investigate periodic, non-periodic, and chaotic limitcycle oscillations. The results show that the amplitude of the limit-cycle oscillation is highly decreased by using SMA fiber embeddings.
doi:10.1080/15376490902781159 fatcat:ps3cmhjfvnbqrhsqyrr23xhd7q