Development of the C-ADS SRF Accelerator at IHEP

Fang Yan, Lin Bian, Jianshe Cao, Yuan Chen, Yunlong Chi, Jianping Dai, Lan Dong, Linglang Dong, Yaoyao Du, He Feisi, Yao Gao, Rui Ge (+49 others)
The 10 MeV accelerator-driven subcritical system (ADS) Injector I test stand at Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP) is a testing facility dedicated to demonstrate one of the two injector design schemes [Injector Scheme-I, which works at 325 MHz], for the ADS project in China. The ion source was installed since April of 2014, periods of commissioning are regularly scheduled between installation phases of the rest of the injector. Early this year, continuous wave (CW) proton beam has been
more » ... essfully obtained with energy of 10MeV and average beam current around 2 mA, the single spoke cavities with smallest developed beta (βg=0.12) were applied and successfully commissioned. Single spoke cavities with higher beta (βg=0.21) were also adopted for the last cryomodule of 25MeV proton linac, and 170uA CW proton beam were shooting through recently. This contribution reports the details of the development of the C-ADS SRF accelerator at IHEP and the challenges of the CW machine commissioning
doi:10.18429/jacow-srf2017-moxa07 fatcat:ro5ahs2m3je2phuhtaibp7pzwa