Karelian talc as a raw material: practical application and potential contribution to Russian mineral raw material reserves

Петр Фролов, Вера Ильина, Александр Завёрткин, Екатерина Климовская, Александр Савицкий
2019 Mineralogical and technological appraisal of new types of mineral products. Volume of papers based on the presentations made at the XII th Russian seminar on technological mineralogy   unpublished
Talc is a unique natural material. Some talc-bearing rocks, e.g. soapstone, are also useful minerals. There are talc deposits on the Fennoscandian Shield. The main potential talc resources and reserves are in the Karelian Craton, which is part of the shield. Talc deposits in the Finnish extension of the craton are being mined in the Kainuu Schist Belt and soapstone deposits in the Suomussalmi-Kuhmo Greenstone Belt. The Karelian portion of the craton seems to be more promising for talc-bearing
more » ... for talc-bearing deposits, because favourable rock complexes of greenstone belts are more common there. The revival of Karelia's economic, scientific and industrial potential for the prospecting, exploration, study, appraisal and exploitation of the talc deposits could provide an impetus to Russsia's and Karelia's industrial development on a new higher level.
doi:10.17076/tm13_6 fatcat:lt4ze5x7zrawxiu42qptsw4xqm