Graphitic SiC: A Promising Anode Material for Na-ion Battery with Extremely High Storage Capacity [post]

Qin Liu, Bo Xiao, Yanchun Li, Jianbo Cheng, Zhenbo Liu, Xin Yang, Xiufeng Xu, Qingzhong Li
2020 unpublished
Bulk SiC phases with tetrahedral arrangements have been identified several decades ago, and have been widely studied due to their potential applications. Until recently, Yaghoubi et al.'s experimental results (Chem. Mater. 2018, 30, 7234) showed that the graphitic SiC with few SiC layers stacking is stable. In this work, we further explore the potential application of graphitic SiC as the Na-ion battery anode via the first-principle simulation. Our results reveal that the theoretical capacity
more » ... oretical capacity of graphitic
doi:10.22541/au.159846484.41362769 fatcat:rmclaahx5bgmpc3i5bwvdfpvhm