Anti Collision Sensor Based Blind Stick

Akshay Meppurath, Akshay Monde, Nikhil Karadkar, Aditya Joshi, Ankur Ganorkar
2017 International Journal of New Technology and Research   unpublished
Visually impaired people find difficulties detecting obstacles in front of them, during walking in the street, which makes it dangerous. The smart stick comes as a proposed solution to enable them to identify the world around. In this paper we propose a solution, represented in a smart stick with ultrasonic sensor to detect any other obstacles in front, left and right of the user, within a range of four meters. Moreover, another sensor is placed at the bottom of the stick for the sake of
more » ... g puddles. The vibration of motor is activated when any obstacle is detected. The blind stick is integrated with ultrasonic sensor along with GPS &GSM based Navigation/Tracking system. This proposed system uses the microcontroller ATmega 328 embedded system. The stick is capable of detecting all obstacles in the range 4 meter during 39 ms and gives a suitable respect message empowering blind to move twice his normal speed because she/he feels safe. The smart stick is of low cost, fast response, low power consumption, light weight.