Nanometer scale rafts built from DNA tiles

K. Sarveswaran, P. Huber, M. Lieberman, C. Russo, C. Lent
2003 Third IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology, 2003. IEEE-NANO 2003.  
Hierarchical self-assembly was used to construct mesoscale DNA objects as eventual templates for molecular electronic circuitry. DNA tiles were assembled from single-stranded precursors. The tiles measure 4 nm x 12 nm x 2 nm. They can be programmed to self-assemble into larger objects, such as a 4-tile raft 37 nm long. The composition and structure of the DNA rafts were characterized in solution by biochemical assays. Rafts were imaged on mica substrates under isopropanol by non-contact mode
more » ... non-contact mode AFM, or alternately, were deposited on silicon wafers and imaged by non-contact mode AFM in air.
doi:10.1109/nano.2003.1231807 fatcat:cwrx26ysofekrib3qtfjpqlxzm