Programs: Improvements, Complexity, and Meanings (Dagstuhl Seminar 98231)

Neil D. Jones, Oege de Moor, James S. Royer
This result together with a result relating the efficiency of "pointers versus addresses" (Ben-Amram and Galil) and a proof that "constant time factors do matter" (Jones) have inspired considerable interest in this topic. However, the area is still in a nascent stage. The intent of this workshop was bring together: Semanticists interested in operational models of programming languages, expressiveness, intensional properties, etc. Program transformers and analysts interested in program execution
more » ... speed, limits to implementation efficiency, etc. Complexity theorists interested in precisely stated problems about computation time and space, language expressiveness, etc. The goal was to promote fruitful interactions, leading to formulation and perhaps addressing new questions of both theoretical and practical interest. As one can see from the following abstracts, there was a great breadth to the topics discussed and areas represented. A considerable amount of bridge building took place, but there were clearly some chasms no one yet knows how to cross (e.g., how to deal with all the issues involved in rigorous complexity analyses of nontrivial lazy programs). The discussions were lively, wide ranging, and stimulating. The organizers wish to thank all the participants, as well has the Dagstuhl staff, for making this a successful meeting.
doi:10.4230/dagsemrep.213 fatcat:j3wgtbf5ufb6flypjmweaswdsu