Spatial distribution and environmental risk of major elements in surface sediments associated Manwan Dam in Lancang River, China

Chen Zhao, Shikui Dong, Shiliang Liu, Isange Sylvie, Jinpeng Li, Qi Liu, Cong Wang
2015 Eurasian Journal of Soil Science  
Article Info Bulk elements and grain sizes in sediments collected at upstream and downstream of Manwan Dam were studied to demonstrate the spatial distribution of heavy metals in the sediments and to assess their risk. Correlation analysis showed that the spatial distribution of Cd, Zn and Mg were significantly affected by dam construction. PCA analysis demonstrate that Cd and Zn were both controlled by Ca, As, Pb, organic matter and clay. Mg was controlled by silt, Al, P and K. The risk
more » ... K. The risk assessment demonstrated that the pollution of Cd, As, Zn were more serious than other heavy metals. Fine-grained sediments with higher risk level were found in the section near the upstream of dam, while coarse-grained ones with lower risk level were found in the section far away from the downstream of dam. The sections in tributary were lower in risk than those in the main stream. Heavy metal concentrations in the mainstream sediments were influenced by dam construction and those in tributary were influenced by both dam construction and human activities in locality. Unusual high concentrations of Cd, As, and Zn in both sections implied that more pollution prevention measures are needed in the Manwan Dam in order to prevent increased heavy metal pollutions in the Lancang-Mekong River.
doi:10.18393/ejss.37849 fatcat:xp2343hsxrfnxl6du5vl32gsam