A. B Molchanov
2022 Metafizika  
In recent years, within the framework of the relational approach to the description of space-time and physical interactions, a number of studies have been carried out to substantiate cosmological effects. It has been shown that the cosmological redshift and the cosmic microwave background may be the result of contributions from emitted but not absorbed radiation. However, until now, Hubble's law has not been fully derived on the basis of only relational ideas. In this paper, this conclusion is
more » ... resented and the Hubble parameter is calculated in the modern era. For this, the contributions of the pulses of the emitted but not absorbed radiation to the pulse of a distant astronomical object (cluster of galaxies) are considered. It is shown that taking these contributions into account leads to the linear Hubble law.
doi:10.22363/2224-7580-2022-2-30-39 fatcat:flw5d5gyqneztnifkvk3i4j3ry