Retrieval and constraint-based human posture reconstruction from a single image

Chih-Yi Chiu, Chun-Chih Wu, Yao-Cyuan Wu, Ming-Yang Wu, Shih-Pin Chao, Shi-Nine Yang
2006 Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation  
In this study, we present a novel model-based approach to reconstruct the 3D human posture from a single image. The approach is guided by a posture library and a set of constraints. Given a 2D human figure, i.e., a set of labeled body segments and estimated root orientation in the image, a 3D pivotal posture whose 2D projection is similar to the human figure is first retrieved from the posture library. To facilitate the retrieval process, a table-lookup technique is proposed to index postures
more » ... cording to their 2D projections with respect to designated view directions. Next physical and environmental constraints, including segment length ratios, joint angle limits, pivotal posture reference, and feet-floor contact, are automatically applied to reconstruct the 3D posture. Experimental results show the effectiveness of the proposed approach.
doi:10.1016/j.jvcir.2005.01.002 fatcat:ewohe4b6zfcxjbt6h32godwj4y