Temperature Anisotropy in a Shocked Plasma: Mirror-Mode Instabilities in the Heliosheath

Y. Liu, J. D. Richardson, J. W. Belcher, J. C. Kasper
2007 Astrophysical Journal  
We show that temperature anisotropies induced at a shock can account for interplanetary and planetary bow shock observations. Shocked plasma with enhanced plasma beta is preferentially unstable to the mirror mode instability downstream of a quasi-perpendicular shock and to the firehose instability downstream of a quasi-parallel shock, consistent with magnetic fluctuations observed downstream of a large variety of shocks. Our theoretical analysis of the solar wind termination shock suggests that
more » ... the magnetic holes observed by Voyager 1 in the heliosheath are produced by the mirror mode instability. The results are also of astrophysical interest, providing an energy source for plasma heating.
doi:10.1086/516568 fatcat:n5c7r23ltjfm3bdpofmxax3gv4