Volute Springs to the Safety Valves of Locomotive and other Boilers

1856 Scientific American  
hind the share, and lower down, is a moldvery ingenious devices, which it would be imboard, which enters deeply and disturbs the possible to describe clearly without engrav sub-soil, the whole being combined with a ings. single plow beam, and drawn in the common Improvement in Coal Stoves.-Anthracite manner. coal is one of the best and most extensively Improved Fish Ho ok.-By J. T. Buel, of used fu els known in this part of the country ; Whitehall, N. Y.-The nature of this invenand almost the
more » ... venand almost the only inconvenience connected tion conSists, firs t, in having the upper part of with its employment is its tendency to fo rm the shank of the hook, which is made solid or lava or clinker, which adheres to the sides of in two parts, tcrminate in a small barb, whcrethe stove, clogs up the interior, prevents prop by a " minnie » can be secured upon the hook er combustion, checks the radiation of heat, more permanently, and in a position to insure &c. In ordinary stoves there is no method of the capture of the fi sh so surely as he bites . extracting the clinker, except by letting the Also in having the hook thus constructed, fire go out, and then removing the whole con made in two parts, so as to allow of the lower tents of the stove. Nobody wants to do this, barb heing turned out of line with the upper especially on a cold winter's day or evening. one, and so constructing the upper barh that The improvement shown in our engraving an clastic eye shall be formed hy it and the consists of a supplementary grate, A, which is shank, whereby an artificial minnie may be introduced through a.pertures made in the conveniently placed on or removed fr om the side of the stove for that purpose, ahove the shank, and a natural minnie substituted for it lower grate. If the stove is full of fire, and and twisted spirally, and thus caused to spin it is desired to remove the clinkers, the grate, similar to an artificial bait when in the water. A, is shoved in as shown, and the upper part Also combining with the lower harb of the imof the lire is supported, while the lower part proved hook, one or more minnie harhs, in a where the clinkers fo rm, may he removed by manner to form a "minnie gang," and having tipping the lower grate in the usual manner. one of the minnie barhs turn fr ee of the lower barb of the improved hook, so that when de
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05031856-270a fatcat:3ihmss6tezhsrem7y2jm3adsge