Reversible Data Hiding For Privacy Preservation in Cloud Data Management

Ms Shruti, R Joshi, Ms Sorte
Encryption is an effective and popular way of converting the original and meaningful content to the cipher form. There is numerous works on data hiding in the encryption field in which reversible data hiding scheme is investigated. Due to reversible property, the original digital content can be completely regained. Reversible data hiding (RDH) with encrypted images is a system by which the original image can be recovered without loss after the embedded message is extracted. RDH for encrypted
more » ... ges by Vacating Room after Encryption (VRAE) is already available, which hides the data by reversibly vacating space from the encrypted images. This existing system has many drawbacks like small payloads embedment, degraded performance in image restoration measured under the standard parameter of PSNR (Peak Signal to Noise Ratio). The proposed method, Reserving Room before Encryption (RRBE) with RDH algorithm improves the quality of image restoration and enhances the payload embedding capacity. In the proposed method, content owner first reserves enough space by vacating room for embedding data .Next, it converts the image into its encrypted form with the help of encryption key. The data hider then embeds the secret data into the space from image on cloud vacated by content owner. The encrypted image with secret data is stored in cloud platform. Receiver then extracts secret data and original image by decryption with preserving privacy and lossless image restoration. The RRBE method can be applied in cloud data management. It will satisfy the privacy preserving need of cloud environment efficiently. In this case, SaaS (Software as a service) model of a cloud technology has to be involved with the proposed method providing security to cloud data management.