Cu2ZnSnSe4 Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Method with Different Heating Technologies

Kegao Liu, Nianjing Ji, Yong Xu, Lei Shi
2015 Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Mechatronics, Materials, Chemistry and Computer Engineering 2015   unpublished
Cu 2 ZnSnSe 4 thin films were prepared by spin-coating and chemical co-reduction with different heating modes. The phases of obtained samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD). The size and morphology of the products were observed by scanning electron microscope (SEM). Experimental results show that, the intensity of the XRD peaks of the samples was not significantly enhanced by segmented heating, but the XRD peak for (200) crystal plane appeared. The change of the reaction process
more » ... e reaction process in the tube furnace did not significantly improve crystallization and phase of the films. The technology with heating the precursor failed to significantly improve the film crystallinity while the effects of reaction conditions affect the morphology significantly.
doi:10.2991/icmmcce-15.2015.102 fatcat:sfc4kbjjrrbo7pvz2ihung6poa