Effect of charge transfer behaviour on the dielectric and ac conductivity of Co-Zn ferrite doped with rare earth element

M Ahmed, M Wasfy
2003 Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics   unpublished
The dielectric constant E' and ac conductivity were measured fo r the ferrite samples Co 1 .,Zn,L~ l.2 5 Fe 175 0~ ; O.l :Sx:S0.7 at different temperatures as a function of the applied frequency. The dielectric constant was interpreted on the basis o f changing the enthalpy as well as :he internal energy of the system. The orientational and rotational polarizations play a significant role in increasing the value of£' in the second temperature region. The conductivity results give more than one
more » ... traight line, indicating the different conduction mechanisms. The electron hopping between the iron ions and the hole hopping between the cobalt ions are the main conduction processes in the investigated samples as it was enhanced from the drift mobilit y data. The values of the acti vation energy obtained, indicate the semiconducting behaviour of the samples.