Assessing the marketing orientation of Hansmann's four categories of nonprofits [thesis]

Saxon Harding
@Saxon Harding Ail Rights Reserved National b b m~ Bibliothéque nationale du Canada Acquisitions and Acquisitions et Bibliographie Services services bibliographiques 395 Weflington Street 395, nie Wellington OttawaON K I A W Ottawa ON K1A ON4 canada canada Nonprofit organizations are increasingly the service providers of social marketing programs which once were almost exclusively govemment fimded. For support, however, they must draw upon a Literature which does not weil understand what the
more » ... erstand what the impact of business methodologies such as marketing will have on organi;rations whose rationale is to manage conflicts of interest. The research utilizes a typology of nonprofit organizations based on the dimensions of &ce and control to test the applicability of the marketing orientation in a survey of 270 nonprofit organhtions. Con-to marketing orientation theory, the orga-tions did not exhibit any of the three marketing orientation components. Instead al1 the four types exhïbited the same needs awareness component. The finding suggests that these organiations understand their end-users but do not focus on satiswg their needs in the way that market-oriented businesses do because of the presence of confiicts of interest. Validation for the ~rpology waç found.
doi:10.22215/etd/1998-03940 fatcat:nku4ace3yzeobkpnquykzwofvi