Optimization of Sound Absorbers Number and Placement in an Enclosed Room by Finite Element Simulation

S F Lau, M H Zainulabidin, M N Yahya, I Zaman, N A Azmir, M A Madlan, M Ismon, M Z Kasron, A E Ismail
2017 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Giving a room proper acoustic treatment is both art and science. Acoustic design brings comfort in the built environment and reduces noise level by using sound absorbers. There is a need to give a room acoustic treatment by installing absorbers in order to decrease the reverberant sound. However, they are usually high in price which cost much for installation and there is no system to locate the optimum number and placement of sound absorbers. It would be a waste if the room is overly treated
more » ... th absorbers or cause improper treatment if the room is treated with insufficient absorbers. This study aims to determine the amount of sound absorbers needed and optimum location of sound absorbers placement in order to reduce the overall sound pressure level in specified room by using ANSYS APDL software. The size of sound absorbers needed is found to be 11 by using Sabine equation and different unit sets of absorbers are applied on walls, each with the same total areas to investigate the best configurations. All three sets (single absorber, 11 absorbers and 44 absorbers) has successfully treating the room by reducing the overall sound pressure level. The greatest reduction in overall sound pressure level is that of 44 absorbers evenly distributed around the walls, which has reduced as much as 24.2 dB and the least effective configuration is single absorber whereby it has reduced the overall sound pressure level by 18.4 dB.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/914/1/012037 fatcat:xsyohkicxzfwlbmx3vjppldrw4