Evliyâ Çelebi Seyahatnâmesi'nde Motifler

2017 Turkish Studies  
Menkıbe (religious anecdotes), inherited from generation to generation within oral literary tradition, just like other literary productions, bloomed in public imagination and became a dominant element in reflecting the culture. It contained people's religious beliefs and faith; and thus, attained a sacred status. This is due to the fact that the heroes were real life figures and conserved their high esteem even after their deaths. Having sociological functions, the literary products in question
more » ... roducts in question correct the disruption and disorder within a society with the help of wonders demonstrated by 'veli' (the patrons). In addition, the narratives forming around their tombs distributed in separate places prevent sacred and moral set of values to be forgotten and ensure a kind of control mechanism over the society by transferring religious and traditional values to new generation. On the other hand, travelogues are the rich cultural treasures, written by travelers, depicting the visual and spatial qualities of places visited. Evliya Celebi Seyahatnamesi (Travelogues) forms the main source of this paper in that its content covers a vast area to be also considered as religious anecdote. In this article, the anecdotes, specific to Anatolia region, detected and reviewed in Evliya Celebi Travelogue will be analyzed in detail with reference to Ahmet Yasar Ocak's classification of motifs. STRUCTERED ABSTRACT Having a significant place in Turkish oral cultural history, the anecdotes (menkibe) are seen as sacred texts, and supreme qualities are attributed to the described people as well as to the narrators so that they came to be known as saints, protectors etc. The narratives of those people were not only shaped within the Islamic period, but also enriched with the other belief systems -such as Shamanism and Tengrism -the first religions of the Turks. The researchers have examined the presence of a small structure bringing out the miracles; and, accordingly they published several works on the functions and contributions of these structures on the text. In this study, the motif classification of religious anecdotes extracted from Evliya Celebi Seyahatname is conducted.
doi:10.7827/turkishstudies.11345 fatcat:x34bynx25vegzod4wpdknb2ale