Russian Chemical Society, St. Petersburg

1877 Scientific American  
colorimetric tests-by comparison in Nesslerising cylinders with a weak standard iron solution, by means of ferrocyanide of potassium-were employed, and with fairly satisfactory results. The numbers deduced from several accordant ob servations gave the following average amounts, the iron being calculated as FeO: Ruby. 0'00130 White . 0'00130 metal rod bearing a flap, which falls into positi:n when the bottle ceases to descend and is being" hove in;" the pres sure of the water rushing past it
more » ... rushing past it causes it to descend and shut the taps, thus encl0sing the desired sample of water. The apparatus for boiting out the oxygen and nitrogen, and that for determining the carbonic acid, were illustrated by dia grams, which also afforded an idea of the arrangements inside the miniature labora1ory on board the Challenger. The general results of investigations made went to show that each wine containing sensibly the same amount of iron. while the absolute amount of oxygen �nd nitrogen capable That the iron was Dot present as a salt of the peroxide was of being dissolved is less in the case of sea water than in evident from the circumstance that each wine contained that of fresh water, the proportion between the amounts of amotannin, striking a bottle-green tint with ferric salts; the two gases dissolved remains nearly the same; that the moreover, no ferric reaction could be obtained with ferro-absolute amount dissolved both of permanent gas and of and sulpho-cyanides. On the other hand, ferri -cyanides carbonic acid depend� on the tcmperatme; that in no case gave on standing a blue precipitate in each case, showing! is there more gas dissolved in water taken from any depth the presence of soluble ferrom salts. In order to see if iron than it, would be capable of absorbing from the atmosphere in other forms of combination (e. g., analogous to blood-in regions where the same temperature prevails at the sur hrematin) was present, known large bulks of wine were pre-face; that, in fact, the water at great depths preserves all cipitated by acetate of lead, whereby almost complete de-th3 physical properties which it had when it left the surface, colorization ensued ; the precipitates were well washed, including temperature, specific gravity. and gaseous contents dried, and incinerated, the lead separated from the nitro-(with the exception of the proportion of oxygen). The belief hydrochloric solution of the ashes by pure sulphuric acid, in the exi stence of water at great depths so charged with gas and the iron in the filtrate determined colorimetrically, In as to effervesce when brought to the surface is not wholly this way the following numbers were obtained: false. This phenomenon is observed when water is brought
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