Incremental Construction for Scalable Component-Based Systems

Tauseef Rana, Abdullah Baz
2020 Sensors  
The availability of smart and intelligent sensors has changed the monitoring, control and maintenance of a conventional and advanced cyber-physical system used in public or private sectors of a society. For example, internet of things (IoT)-based health, agricultural and weather management systems. With the emergence of such sensors, along with the new ways to communicate or coordinate with them, we need to analyze and optimize the system construction processes. In this paper, to address the
more » ... ue of scalability for bigger and complex systems based on sensors, we redefine an incremental construction process with an emphasis on behavior preservation and study the effectiveness of the use of software component models from the component-based development domain. In this paper, to deal with the issue of scalability, we investigate component-based development approaches with respect to our defined process and propose a taxonomy of component models with respect to component/system behavior. Moreover, based on the outcome of our analysis, we recommend the EX-MAN component model as the most suitable approach. We investigate incremental construction in the context of the three main categories of current component models, namely models where components are: (i) objects, (ii) architectural units and (iii) encapsulated components. Furthermore, to evaluate our defined process and selection of EX-MAN, we designed three examples of systems using our proposed process in EX-MAN component model.
doi:10.3390/s20051435 pmid:32155723 fatcat:fpsqn7osvbf3re2dbatlsrfsj4