Penetration of internal gravity waveguide modes into the upper atmosphere
Проникновение внутренних гравитационных волноводных мод в верхнюю атмосферу

Георгий Руденко, Georgiy Rudenko, Ирина Дмитриенко, Irina Dmitrienko
2016 Solnechno-Zemnaya Fizika  
The paper deals with the description of the internal gravity waveguide modes using dissipative solutions above the source [Rudenko, Dmitrienko, 2015]. Such description is compared with the accurate approach and the WKB approximation for the dissipationless equations. It is shown that for waveguide disturbances, dispersion relations calculated by any of the methods are close to each other and are in good agreement with the observed characteristics of traveling ionospheric disturbances. The use
more » ... urbances. The use of dissipative solutions over the source allows us, in contrast to other methods, to adequately describe the spatial structure of perturbations in the upper atmosphere.
doi:10.12737/10413 fatcat:727gn2s3tvc6rfxsdh6hb4y3bm