Influence of Various Atmospheres on the Corrosion Resistance of Si3N4 Sintered Bodies against Steel Making Slag and Its Main Components

Chyuan R. LIOU, Toshiyuki MORI, Hidehiko KOBAYASHI, Takashi MITAMURA
1990 Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  
Corrosion of Si3N4 sintered bodies against blast furnace slags, converter slags and main components of these slags such as CaO, FeO and MnO2 has been studied at 1200-1400 for 1-12h in air , Ar, N2 and O2-N2 atmospheres. For Si3N4 sin tered bodies containing small amounts of Y2O3 and Al2O3 additives, the corrosion rate increased with increasing pores and glass phase in sintered bodies. The corrosion behavior of Si3N4 sintered bodies against the various salts in Ar, N2 and O2-N2 atmospheres,
more » ... t for FeO salt, was very stable. In case of less corrosive salts such as blast furnace slag and CaO , the corrosion rate of Si3N4 sintered bodies in O2-N2 atmospheres increased with increasing O2 partial pressure up to the air com position, the corrosion rate decreased extremely then above the air composition. In the corrosion of the Si3N4 sintered bodies against the various salts, the oxidation of Si3N4 seems to have occurred, and the corrosion proceeded continually by the reac tion of SiO2 with the salts.
doi:10.2109/jcersj.98.348 fatcat:b7blatt65bhuxo7detdnximvti