Performance Enhancement of Parallel Prime Sieving with Hybrid Programming and Pipeline Scheduling
혼합형 병렬처리 및 파이프라이닝을 활용한 소수 연산 알고리즘

Seung-yo Ryu, Dongseung Kim
2015 KIPS Transactions on Computer and Communication Systems  
We develop a new parallelization method for Sieve of Eratosthenes algorithm, which enhances both computation speed and energy efficiency. A pipeline scheduling is included for better load balancing after proper workload partitioning. They run on multicore CPUs with hybrid parallel programming model which uses both message passing and multithreading computation. Experimental results performed on both small scale clusters and a PC with a mobile processor show significant improvement in execution time and energy consumptions.
doi:10.3745/ktccs.2015.4.10.337 fatcat:mcyqbbqjtrappjjhc3g2wasmw4