Homotopy Type Theory in Isabelle [article]

Joshua Chen
2021 arXiv   pre-print
This paper introduces Isabelle/HoTT, the first development of homotopy type theory in the Isabelle proof assistant. Building on earlier work by Paulson, I use Isabelle's existing logical framework infrastructure to implement essential automation, such as type checking and term elaboration, that is usually handled on the source code level of dependently typed systems. I also integrate the propositions-as-types paradigm with the declarative Isar proof language, providing an alternative to the
more » ... ic-based proofs of Coq and the proof terms of Agda. The infrastructure developed is then used to formalize foundational results from the Homotopy Type Theory book.
arXiv:2002.09282v2 fatcat:cgaeh2o2jrhlrb37ofqayl4pre