Analisis mutu Ikan Tuna selama lepas tangkap

Indah Widiastuti, Sumpeno Putro, B Balai, Besar Riset, Pengolahan Produk, Bioteknologi Kelautan, Dan Perikanan-Kkp
2010 Maspari Journal   unpublished
Indonesia is one of the leading tuna exporters in the world. The total export volume of tuna in 2004 was 94,221 tons valued at US $ 243,937 million However, export of fresh tuna has been hampered by several quality problems, particularly high content of histamine and heavy metals. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) reported that during period of 2001-2005, there were 350 cases of tuna rejections in the US due to the above mentioned problem. Likewise, in recent years, exports of tuna from
more » ... ia to European Union member countries have been subjected to RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) and export suspension by the European Commission. It is obvious therefore, that efforts to improve post harvest handling are highly imperative. This research was conducted in Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java and Research Center For Marine and Fisheries Product Processing and Biotechnology, Jakarta. Newly caught tuna were unloaded and transported to Jakarta with proper icing. Quality changes were monitored, including core temperature of fish, pH, K-value (inosine, hipoxantine, IMP, AMP, ADP, ATP), histamine, heavy metal (Hg and Cd), and microbiology. The pH value of fresh tuna samples upon arrival at the laboratory varied between 5.85-6.01. Whereas the K-value and histamine contents were 2.01-13.74% and 1.28-1.61 mg/100g respectively. Total microbial count and histamine producing bacteria were 10 2 -2.5 x 10 4 cfu/g and 10 1 -1.99 x 10 2 cfu/g respectively. Mercury and cadmium content were 0.076-0.501 ppb and 0.052-0.398 ppb respectively.