First report of Davaneidae and Strongylida parasitizing Ramphocelus carbo (Aves: Passeriformes: Thraupidae) in the southwest of the Brazilian Amazon region

Leandro Siqueira de Souza, Edson Guilherme, Saba Gul, Angela Maria Fortes de Andrade, Francisco Glauco de Araújo Santos
2020 Revista Brasileira de Parasitologia Veterinária  
In Brazil, species of the genus Ramphocelus with the presence of various endoparasites have already been reported. Coccidia have been the parasites most frequently found. All species of this genus have similar habitats and ecological niches, which makes parasite transmission easy. The aim of this study was to diagnose the presence of endoparasites in fecal samples from specimens of Ramphocelus carbo that were caught in the Cazumbá-Iracema Extractive Reserve (Cazumbá Resex), in the State of
more » ... The specimens (n = 30) were caught in mist nets arranged in different ecosystems of the Reserve. After identification, the bird specimens were placed in cloth bags for a maximum of 30 minutes to collect feces. Among the 22 samples collected, 63.63% (n = 14) were positive for endoparasites. The coccidia were the parasites most frequently. Helminths belonging to Ascaridiidae (Nematoda), Strongylida (Nematoda) and Davaneidae (Cestoda) were recorded for the first time in R. carbo in the State of Acre. Parasites belonging to Strongylida and Davaneidae were recorded for the first time in a species of Ramphocelus. These findings add information on the parasitic fauna of wild birds, since in the Amazon region there are few studies on this subject.
doi:10.1590/s1984-29612019105 pmid:32049145 fatcat:xvx4aurh3ff33hhenl3nxfswn4