Simultaneous Detection of Dopamine and Serotonin—A Comparative Experimental and Theoretical Study of Neurotransmitter Interactions

Felicia Manciu, Marian Manciu, John Ciubuc, Emma Sundin, Katia Ochoa, Michael Eastman, William Durrer, Jose Guerrero, Brayant Lopez, Mahendra Subedi, Kevin Bennet
2018 Biosensors  
With the goal of accurately detecting and quantifying the amounts of dopamine (DA) and serotonin (5-HT) in mixtures of these neurotransmitters without using any labelling, we present a detailed, comparative computational and Raman experimental study. Although discrimination between these two analytes is achievable in such mixtures for concentrations in the millimolar range, their accurate quantification remains unattainable. As shown for the first time in this work, the formation of a new
more » ... tion of a new composite resulting from their interactions with each other is the main reason for this lack of quantification. While this new hydrogen-bonded complex further complicates potential analyte discrimination and quantification at concentrations characteristic of physiological levels (i.e., nanomolar concentrations), it can also open new avenues for its use in drug delivery and pharmaceutical research. This remark is based not only on chemical interactions analyzed here from both theoretical and experimental approaches, but also on biological relationship, with consideration of both functional and neural proximity perspectives. Thus, this research constitutes an important contribution toward better understanding of neural processes, as well as toward possible future development of label-free biosensors.
doi:10.3390/bios9010003 fatcat:3rnyyvw24zfllnebpeqif6auym