Callosal inputs generate side-invariant receptive fields in the barrel cortex [article]

Roberto Montanari, Alicia Alonso-Andrés, Jorge Cabrera-Moreno, Javier Alegre-Cortés, Ramón Reig
2022 bioRxiv   pre-print
AbstractBarrel cortex integrates contra- and ipsilateral whiskers' inputs. While contralateral inputs depend on the thalamocortical innervation, ipsilateral ones are thought to rely on callosal axons. These are more abundant in the barrel cortex region bordering with S2 and containing the row A-whiskers representation, the row lying nearest to the facial midline. Here we ask what role this callosal axonal arrangement plays in ipsilateral tactile signalling. We found that novel object
more » ... with ipsilateral whiskers confines c-Fos expression within the highly callosal subregion. Targeting this area within vivopatch-clamp recordings revealed neurons with uniquely strong ipsilateral responses dependent on the corpus callosum, as assessed by tetrodotoxin silencing and by optogenetic activation of the contralateral hemisphere. Still, in this area, stimulation of contra- or ipsilateral row A-whiskers evoked an indistinguishable response in some neurons, mostly located in layers 5/6, indicating their involvement in the midline representation of the whiskers' sensory space.
doi:10.1101/2022.11.17.516910 fatcat:q3g3mjclcbgivafyic7o2k3bkq