Hybrid Transformer Network for Different Horizons-based Enriched Wind Speed Forecasting [article]

Dr. M. Madhiarasan, Prof. Partha Pratim Roy
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Highly accurate different horizon-based wind speed forecasting facilitates a better modern power system. This paper proposed a novel astute hybrid wind speed forecasting model and applied it to different horizons. The proposed hybrid forecasting model decomposes the original wind speed data into IMFs (Intrinsic Mode Function) using Improved Complete Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition with Adaptive Noise (ICEEMDAN). We fed the obtained subseries from ICEEMDAN to the transformer network. Each
more » ... ransformer network computes the forecast subseries and then passes to the fusion phase. Get the primary wind speed forecasting from the fusion of individual transformer network forecast subseries. Estimate the residual error values and predict errors using a multilayer perceptron neural network. The forecast error is added to the primary forecast wind speed to leverage the high accuracy of wind speed forecasting. Comparative analysis with real-time Kethanur, India wind farm dataset results reveals the proposed ICEEMDAN-TNF-MLPN-RECS hybrid model's superior performance with MAE=1.7096*10^-07, MAPE=2.8416*10^-06, MRE=2.8416*10^-08, MSE=5.0206*10^-14, and RMSE=2.2407*10^-07 for case study 1 and MAE=6.1565*10^-07, MAPE=9.5005*10^-06, MRE=9.5005*10^-08, MSE=8.9289*10^-13, and RMSE=9.4493*10^-07 for case study 2 enriched wind speed forecasting than state-of-the-art methods and reduces the burden on the power system engineer.
arXiv:2204.09019v1 fatcat:3hhi2mszhfeela3so4a26vxele