Effect of a Nursing Intervention on Muscle Tone of Children with Down Syndrome

Alyaa Salama, Maha Khalifa, Neanaa Fayed
2016 Menoufia Nursing Journal  
Down syndrome (DS) is the most common chromosomal disorder which is characterized by decreased muscle tone or hypotonia. The purpose of this study was to identify the effect of a nur sing intervention on muscle tone of children with Down syndrome. The Design of this study was q uasi-experimental research design. A purposive sample of 60 children diagnosed with Down syndr ome was selected to carry out this study. This study was conducted at three centers for children wit h special needs in
more » ... El-Kom and Tala city. In Shebin El-Kom, it conducted at El Basma and Wogod centers for children with special needs. In Tala city, it was conducted at El Basma center.T wo instruments were used for data gathering .A structured interview questionnaire involved childre n's characteristic such as age , sex ,associated problems with DS. The second tool was Arm, Leg, a nd Trunk muscle tone scale . The results of this study indicated that, nursing intervention in the for m of therapeutic massage improved muscle tone of children with Down syndrome on posttest. Con clusion, this study concluded that children who received , nursing intervention in the form of thera peutic massage had better muscle tone than children who didn't receive therapeutic massage. There fore, it is recommended that, nursing intervention in the form of therapeutic massage should be app lied to improve muscle tone of children with Down syndrome
doi:10.21608/menj.2016.157011 fatcat:vvz6brdx7jbzdn22oo6bqwngeq