Determination of static equilibrium conditions of a mobile terrestrial robotic complex

V. Strutynsky, A. Hurzhii, L. Kozlov
2019 Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu  
Purpose. Determination of the location of a robotic complex and an object being manipulated. Methodology. The applied theoretical methods are based on the solution of the problems of mechanical system statics, Monte Carlo methods and analytical geometry with approbation of the obtained results on a robotic complex prototype. findings. The conditions of the static equilibrium of a mobile terrestrial robotic complex with a levertype manipulator are established. They are based on the analytical
more » ... n the analytical correlation as the sum of moments of gravitational forces acting on the joints of the complex relative to the axes passing through the extreme supporing points of the chassis. The location of the mass center of the robotic complex with the levertype manipulator is determined. The area is created by the arc of a circle whose radius depends on the mass of the object captured by the manipulator. The influence of static chassis de formations on the permissible complex area location of the general mass center is defined. It is found how the complex location influenses the inclined surface of the tolerable area of the mass center location in terms of the persistency. The efficient conditions of the large mass manipulated object location are set. originality. Necessary and sufficient conditions for the terrestrial robotic complex to remain in a static equilibrium when work ing with objects of significant mass are determined. The area of the general mass center of the complex with all possible positions of the manipulator and different mass of the object being manipulated on the basis of the Monte Carlo methods adapted to the solution of the static problem of the terrestrial robotic complex with a lever type manipulator is established. In this case, the bear ing system deformability of the chassis and the features of the position of the complex being located on an inclined plane are considered. Practical value. The established conditions of the robotic complex static stability are the basis of the choice of its geometric parameters for providing maximum working capacity in different operating conditions.
doi:10.29202/nvngu/2019-5/7 fatcat:goo2rpop7fc4tjeickt2anqgam