Cross-cultural Communication "Correspondence in Meaning, Similarity in Function": on the Significance of the Criteria of Translation Rooted in Sociosemiotics ' correspondance dans la signification, similitude dans la fonction ' : sur la signification des critères de la traduction enraciné dans la sociosémiotique "功能相似,意義相符"-社會符號學視閾下的翻譯標準

Wenjuan Zhang
'Meaning' and 'function' is the essences of language and text. The dialectical relationship between meaning and function is demonstrated in the whole process of translation so that correct understanding of the meaning and function of a text is the key to translation. Rooted in Sociosemiotics, the criteria of translation 'correspondence in meaning, similarity in function' by professor Chen Hongwei is scientific and practical: on the one hand, it critically inherits the traditional criterion of
more » ... anslation 'faithfulness' and 'equivalence' to avoid the one-sidedness and extremism of the criterion of recent western translation studies, such as those of the Skopos theory, the Receptive-aesthetics, which grant translating too much freedom to avoid distortion. On the other, it integrates the western translation studies and made a great breakthrough of the traditional criterion 'faithfulness' and 'equivalence' to justify the necessary 'adaptation' in translating the non-literary works, that is, texts for special purposes. Résumé: la signification et la fonction sont les essences de la langue et du texte. Le rapport dialectal entre la signification et la fonction est traduit dans le processus entier de la traduction de sorte que la compréhension correcte