Efficient Similarity-aware Compression to Reduce Bit-writes in Non-Volatile Main Memory for Image-based Applications [article]

Zhangyu Chen, Yu Hua, Pengfei Zuo, Yuanyuan Sun, Yuncheng Guo
2019 arXiv   pre-print
Image bitmaps have been widely used in in-memory applications, which consume lots of storage space and energy. Compared with legacy DRAM, non-volatile memories (NVMs) are suitable for bitmap storage due to the salient features in capacity and power savings. However, NVMs suffer from higher latency and energy consumption in writes compared with reads. Although compressing data in write accesses to NVMs on-the-fly reduces the bit-writes in NVMs, existing precise or approximate compression schemes
more » ... show limited performance improvements for data of bitmaps, due to the irregular data patterns and variance in data. We observe that the data containing bitmaps show the pixel-level similarity due to the analogous contents in adjacent pixels. By exploiting the pixel-level similarity, we propose SimCom, an efficient similarity-aware compression scheme in hardware layer, to compress data for each write access on-the-fly. The idea behind SimCom is to compress continuous similar words into the pairs of base words with runs. With the aid of domain knowledge of images, SimCom adaptively selects an appropriate compression mode to achieve an efficient trade-off between image quality and memory performance. We implement SimCom on GEM5 with NVMain and evaluate the performance with real-world workloads. Our results demonstrate that SimCom reduces 33.0%, 34.8% write latency and saves 28.3%, 29.0% energy than state-of-the-art FPC and BDI with minor quality loss of 3%.
arXiv:1905.02487v1 fatcat:xh7rktbgebhs7evjaahymetooi