Hypersurfaces with radial mean curvature in space forms

Carlos Maber Carrión Riveros, Armando M. Vasquez Corro, Edwin O. Salinas Reyes
2021 NEXUS Mathematicæ  
In this paper, we study two classes of hypersurfaces, namely, the DRMC-hypersurfaces and the HDRMC-hypersurfaces in space forms Mn+1(c), c=−1,0,1, these classes include the Weingarten hypersurfaces of the spherical type obtained in |10|. For n= 2, we present a way to obtain DRMC-surfaces and HDRMC-surfaces in M3(c) using two holomorphic functions. Also, we classify the DRMC-hypersurfaces of rotation in Mn+1(c) and the HDRMC-hypersurfaces of rotation in Rn+1.
doi:10.5216/nm.v4.70251 fatcat:s4myqxkxtnbyjbden24bnic4we