Several cultural features of the Central region of Vietnam

Thong Huu Nguyen
2006 Tạp chí Khoa học Xã hội Việt Nam  
It is difficult to define a specific boundary for regional cultural research in our country. Even the establishment of the typical indicators for each cultural region can not be clearly defined because the growth of the culture has originated from so many different factors. These include; breeding, geography, history and cultural exchange amongst different ethnic groups. Even those that follow the natural rule still have unexpected factors. Nevertheless, the result of this is that it is
more » ... that it is straight forward to identify the different cultural regions. All these factors influence the nature and behavior system of people in each area, and create specific nuances in the cultural portraits of ethnic groups. In the process of developing the current economy-culture, the people and communities that are tempered in this way expose their strong or weak points, advantages or disadvantages. Analysis for the reasons to adjust or select the reasonable course for their development is mentioned in modern studies.
doi:10.3125/vss.v104i0.284 fatcat:s2jkncw7zvg5nnpjdfwzkf4fye